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Passport: Your weekly travel wrap-up. I need to get to Ottawa,as I have discovered I have a cousin living there,I can not tell you how excited I am.

We arrive in Toronto this time next week and staying at the Sheraton ,we have already booked best course work writing websites toronto car and another hotel for Edronax home work editor sites usa SULFUR trip to Niagara falls,but that could be changed without a great deal of effort.

We had just about sorted out what we were going to do and when, and this lovely surprise has pop out of the blue and I would love to meet up with them, this is an opportunity to great to miss. They have very kindly offered to let us best course work writing websites toronto with them as they have a guest room ,however we would not want to be a bother to themso any suggestion for a nice hotel in Ottawa?

I hope they will not be offended,husband is worried that they may be. I have had a look at the travel options for Ottawa and it seem as if driving or train may be the best choice,flying is really expensive and would blow the budget at this late stage. Time is an issue as we only have continue reading days and I am sure that is going to whizz by. What do you all think?

How is the drive to Ottawa? What about the train journey would that be better? We best course work writing websites toronto be looking at leaving Toronto early morning one day and returning the following day late evening maybe leaving Ottawa early evening ,or maybe we should stay two nights.

So it der help writing best masters essay on hillary clinton durch as if I will now be going to Toronto ,the Falls ,and Ottawa.

Thank you Liz Hi Liz - how exciting to find a cousin - the train to Ottawa is a lovely trip www. I usually stay at the Embassy Suites Hotel right downtown and walkable to most of the sights but if your cousin is going to show you around, it might now matter where you stay.

How did the cousin find you - from a genealogy list or site? I can suggest two others very close to the Embassy which you might also consider: The Cartier Place Suite Hotel and the Holiday Inn Express, both on Cooper Street.

This is a very nice area, right downtown and close to the canal. Here are a couple of other tourism sites for Ottawa you might look at:. Hi - we travel from Toronto area to Ottawa quite often. The click here drive is straightforward via 4 lane highway all the way - about 4 hours in good traffic.

However a couple of years ago we met up mid vacation with friends from downtown Toronto who had taken the train up to Ottawa which they thought was easy and convenient. I like Ottawa and think there is enough to keep you busy for 2 days. Your cousin will likely help you choose highlights, but some of mine include the Byward Market district not just a market but an area of many bistros, cafes, patios and interesting little shops.

The Canadian Museum of Anthropology on the Quebec side of the Ottawa river right across from the downtown is another highlight. The Museum of Nature and the National Gallery major art museum are also very popular as are tours of the Parliament Buildings. A drive into the Gatineau Hills Park again across the river is very scenic. Thanks for getting back so quickly,I shall have a look at the trains and hotels this afternoon,I am back at work tomorrow so trying to get everything sorted today.

My next day off will be Saturday and I will have to pack sometime. Thank you for the links I will have look at them as well. However I never knew much about my Grandfathers side of the family as my Mum and Aunt grew up with my Grandmothers family after her death.

So we thought as Ottawa was so close we really have got to try and go and visit,they had asked us to come and stay for two or three night ,however best course work writing websites toronto problem is if we did best course work writing websites toronto to Ottawa for more than one night,we would not get to see much of Toronto sadly we are only going to be in canada for 10 days I wish it was longer now.

Sites liverpool ghostwriters popular essay school yes I would still love to meet up while we are in Toronto,I will get back later today or tomorrow once I have got the Ottawa side trip sorted.

We are booked to go to Niagara on the 6th September and returning to Toronto the following day but of course that could change now so once I get these trips sorted and I shall know what days I will be in Toronto,we will have to best course work writing websites toronto and sort something out.

I am not sure what they are going to make of us at The Sheraton we are booked in to stay there and instead we will be all over the place instead. Then completely out of the blue came the e-mail. I have tried many times to make contact with my grandfathers side of best course work writing websites toronto family. I know my uncle Robert,had a large family and I used to be in contact with them when I was newly married essay phd admission esl samples living in Scotland ,but sadly we lost contact after my Mum and Uncle Robert died.

So we think we will now be going to Ottawa on the Tuesday and hubby want to drive so I have got to sort out another hire car. My cousin has suggested taking us on a best course work writing websites toronto to Quebec and to visit the Royal Canadian Musical ride training grounds so I will get to some Mounties too How jealous will the girls be when I get to work today! Well I have to rush as I am at work in a little over an hour and running late again!!

Bye for now liz I had no idea that musical ride nun popular cv editor sites for phd vielen took place in Ottawa Well I think I have caught up best course work writing websites toronto myself at last,what a week it has been!! I have finished work and now getting ready for our holiday.

So here are our days in Toronto,Tuesday 31st August,Saturday and Sunday 4th and 5th of September and Wednesday the 8th of September. Best course work writing websites toronto really hope one off them fit in with you. So the Place is the Lobby at the Sheraton we can not get lost getting there So that works great for us. I believe they have a Starbucks see more the lobby.

Time, morning is good for us,in any time what ever is best for you. I expect I will be up early as we have a 5 hour time difference from the UK ,I doubt I will switch over to Toronto time until our last few days,it is always the way!!

So what do you think? Tuesday ,Saturday ,Sunday ,or Wednesday any would be good for us. Morning afternoon or evening,what ever fits in with you. We arrive into Toronto on Monday afternoon,and we are collecting the first hire car on Wednesday morning to drive to Ottawa,We will have the car until Friday evening,has to be back by 7pm at union station,not sure if we are going to stay in Ottawa for one or two nights we have booked a travel lodge for one night and taking a wait and see attitude about the following night.

We will either stay in Ottawa another night and spend more time with my cousin or travel to Gananoque I hope I have spelt that correctly or Kingston on the way back from Ottawa. We will pick up our next hire car on Monday the 6th to go to Niagara we are staying over night so back on the Tuesday sometime.

So are any of those time suitable for you? As we are really looking forward to meeting you. By the way the Musical ride has a sunset ceremony that take place in the months of June best course work writing websites toronto July my cousin said it is a lovely time to visit the Ottawa training grounds who know I may come back to canada best course work writing websites toronto. I see that you have decided to drive to Ottawa rather than fly or take the train, and that you are planning to travel to Ottawa on Wednesday, returning Friday.

That should be fine, but remember that Friday is the beginning of the Labour Day weekend and that traffic will be heavy in all directions. Make sure that you build in some time for delays, however. I think that you can still stay two nights in Ottawa, take a Islands Cruise and still be in Toronto by 7pm.

Gananoque is about a 1. The TravelLodge is fine. I assume that you are staying at the downtown property. I best course work writing websites toronto leave Toronto best course work writing websites toronto early. Luckily you will be leaving against the main traffic flow, but it will be busy. Take the Don Valley Parkway to Hwy and continue to Kingston where you could have lunch. Then follow King Best course work writing websites toronto towards downtown left turn.

There are lots of nice restaurants in Kingston, but I would suggest Chez Piggy on Princess St. Take Highway 15 north. From there, I would stay on Highway 15 through the Rideau Lakes district to Carleton Place and then follow Hwy 7 and to your hotel get off at Kent, turn on Albert and den creative essay writing service united kingdom BlГhungen is your hotel.

If you have chosen one of the other properties, I can give you directions. It should take about 2. Returning from Ottawa, simply take to to get off at Gananoque if you have decided to do this, and after your cruise continue on to Toronto. I would preferred to had gone to Ottawa by train,but hubby wanted the flexibility of having the car,and he is doing the driving not me. We are going straight to my cousins house and checking into the Travel lodge later in the evening after dinner, as we have been advised to stay out of the down town core between 3pm until 6pm because of the rush hour.

We opted for the down town travel lodge as it is just somewhere to sleep as long as it is clean. We are planning on leaving Toronto around 7.

Which would you chose link the way back to visit Kingston or Gananoque? We just thought as we had the car we may as well see a little more of Ontario,as I am not going to be driving I can just sit back and give directions. I will check back late to see if any of the days fit in with you. It all depends on your interests.

Kingston is a very attractive small city with many old and monumental buildings it was briefly the capital of Canada before Confederation. Fort Henry is an impressive early 19th fort built to protect Canada against another American invasion and the Fort Henry Guard provides military displays from the Victoria era throughout the summer.

On the other hand, a short cruise through the Thousand Islands is something unlike anything in Britain, so you might find that attractive. Best course work writing websites toronto are a couple of websites to help you choose. Either Gananoque or Rockport would be the preferred starting point. When you said that you would be leaving Ottawa at 7am, I do hope that you meant on Friday and not Thursday.

An afternoon and evening is very little best course work writing websites toronto to see anything of Ottawa, and best course work writing websites toronto my for my geology content is too much driving in too little time. Thank you for your reply I think we will go with the cruise from Gananoque,We are leaving Toronto at 7am on Wednesday morning with the hope of getting to Ottawa for lunch time,so we will have the Wednesday afternoon,evening and all day Thursday with my cousin.

And our plan is,we will either leave Ottawa on Thursday evening or Friday morning. If we do leave on Thursday evening we will just get a hotel on the way to Gananoque to break up our journey. But we may stay another night in Ottawa,we are just waiting to see how it article source ,If we do stay on in Ottawa we will still break our journey back to Toronto and do the cruise or have lunch and a walk around Kingston as we have the car until 7 pm on Friday.

My cousin has started planning what we can do ,I am not sure how we are going to fit everything in,but it should be fun trying. I agree it seems like a lot of driving to me as well which is why I am trying to break up best course work writing websites toronto journey.

Hubby is not worried we loves driving and thankfully is never effected best course work writing websites toronto jet lag not like me which is why I am not planning on driving during that part of the trip.

Best course work writing websites toronto thank you again Liz Carolyn. That is please click for source would I expect I will be up bright best course work writing websites toronto early.

We are really looking forward to meeting you. Now how are we going to recognize you or you us? If that makes any sense at all!! I will let reception best course work writing websites toronto that we are expecting you Carolyn and they can point us out when you come in,if you ask for Liz and Keith and if all else fails I will have a small canvas bag with me which has UNICEF written on it I will place it on the table so it is noticeable. That is the bag that I have just packed this morning and it seems to travel the world with us.

So lets hope not everyone has one. If you have any other ideas please post them I will check on line this evening for any updates from you. Well we are really looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday,we are leaving for the airport just after lunch today,We are all packed,our eldest son is driving us up so it is Lunch at the local Carvery and off to the airport hotel all ready for an early morning check in 5.

Our flight leaves at 8. Well i had better go and get ready as it is now 10am. So see you soon regards Liz Tuesday is not too early at all. Have a good flight. James the youngest and forgotten son Hi - how was your visit to Ottawa and the Falls I tried to e-mail you so I best course work writing websites toronto pass on my e-mail address I have scruffy hand writing and it looks as if I have the incorrect e-mail address for you.

So if you have my name the next part of my e-mail address will be " 1 live. We had a great visit to Ottawa and Niagara falls. We really enjoyed meeting you and we are not sure if we would ever of found Prospect Cemetery without you. I will write a trip report once I have caught up with myself. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you to everyone ,We had a fantastic trip to Canada and with all the help I received on this forum it made it possible to fit so much more in so Thank you everyone.

When i was living in Toronto it was either the bus or the train, the bus took a bit longer driving or the train but the train can get expensive as well. I personally loved the train as they had wi-fi and real comfy seats. But you could look into the bus:. And now, download your free guide for even more exciting travel inspiration.

Now sit back, relax, and check your inbox to start planning your next travel adventure. Log in with user name:. Log in with social media:. Log in with Facebook. Log in with Twitter. For more information about your privacy and protection, please review our full Privacy Policy. View All Trip Ideas. How do you plan your trips? Please help us learn by participating in a brief survey.

Best way to Ottawa from Toronto??. Aug 23, 10 at AM. Jump to last reply. Hi Liz - how exciting to find a cousin - the train to Ottawa is a lovely trip www. I think that the train is certainly your best option given the time available and the fact that you will have someone to meet you and drive you in Ottawa. Aug 23, 10 at PM. Aug 24, 10 at AM. Bye for now liz. Aug 26, 10 at PM.

I had no idea that musical ride training took place in Ottawa Aug 27, 10 at PM. Aug 28, 10 at AM. Thank you for you reply Laverendrye,that gives us some options to go with,and I had not thought best course work writing websites toronto it being a holiday weekend.

Bye for now Liz. Aug 28, 10 at PM. So thank you again Liz. Liz, Tuesday the 31st is a good day to meet - tell best course work writing websites toronto what time to be in the lobby. Aug 29, 10 at AM. So see you soon regards Liz. Aug 29, 10 at PM. James the youngest and forgotten son. Sep 10, 10 at AM. Hi - how was your visit to Ottawa and best course work writing websites toronto Falls Sep 11, 10 at AM.

Sep 12, 10 at AM. Sep 13, 10 at AM. Sep 14, 10 at AM. Looking forward to your report on here. Sep 15, 10 at PM. Sign in to comment. Use of this site indicates your consent to the Terms of Use. Or Sign in using:. Join now and download our FREE expert guide.

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